Saturday, May 12, 2007

WEBSITE REVIEW: is one of my favorite websites on the entire internet. Because when they claim "all recipes," they mean ALL RECIPES.

It's nice, when you're thinking of a certain recipes but can't remember which of your ten thousand cookbooks it came from, to click on, enter the name of your recipe into the really excellent search feature, and then actually find the recipe you wanted, along with some variations you might never have thought of.

All the recipes are rated by members of the website and one of my favorite things to do is read the reviews and see what other people have suggested to tweak the recipe a tiny bit. It's fun to just read, whether you actually do any cooking at all.

I've found several keeper recipes at, including the one for the Italian Wedding Soup I posted here last month. I also found a really excellent Yorkshire Pudding that reminds me of my grandma's and I just looked up a Seven-Layer Salad (Susan, you hush that laughing right now. Not everyone has a husband who deals in fancy foods and you know how we Yankees eat) and found the exact thing I was looking for, rated by 116 site members with a five-star rating. Easy-peasy!

For anyone who loves cookbooks and computers, may be addictive.

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