Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to school!

In Biology today, Meelyn and I began Module 4, which is the study of Kingdom Fungi, and considering that I once had a fungus on one of my fingernails (stay well away from those do-it-yourself nails, is my solemn recommendation), I went through the assigned pages of reading thinking that maybe that Christmas bologna was going to make its presence known again. Barf.

Aisling came to the living room to say "The woman is cold" in Spanish, which was a statement of actual fact, since I was wrapped up in a fleece throw on the couch. I think I mentioned that the heating/cooling man never came yesterday, so it has tended to get a bit chilly in here as we have set and re-set and re-re-set the thermostat manually. It's 1:32 pm as I am typing and he just got here about ten minutes ago, which turned out to be awesome timing, as I was just getting ready to bash the smug, temperamental thing with a hammer for not releasing the heat I need to warm my weary bones. We keep this barn at about 660, so it doesn't seem like too much to ask for the furnace and the thermostat to get their crap together and do their frikkin' JOB.

I let him go down to the basement where the furnace lives with a warning about the vampires, but I didn't tell him about the mummies because it took him so long to get here and I was kind of ticked. I hope he fixes the furnaces before they GET HIM.

Everything else has been business as usual: vocabulary, grammar, religion, algebra, etc. and it seems that it's gone rather smoothly for the first day back. We might squeeze in a little SAT prep, which I'd like to do twice a week. I'm really kind of pleased at how easily the girls have gone back to their studies: most of the day's whining has been done by me as I've groused about the cold.

You'd think it was January or something.

Just for the fun of it all, here's my back-to-school post from January 8, 2008


Karen said...

Sure hope you have warmed up, Shelley. My sister Kayte tells me you are really good on these blogs and if I have questions about my own I should talk to you. You may be getting an e-mail real soon! Will you join me in praying for Kayte tonight ... the biopsy is tomorrow and I am sure she can use our prayers!

Kayte said...

Oh, I just love thinking of you all tucked in there on these cold days with your warmies and the books and all. Good thoughts for a successful second half of the year, Girls!