Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is this....a sign?

I was just over at Kayte's blog a few minutes ago, Grandma's Kitchen Table, posting a comment. Her blog is set up at TypePad, and when you comment there, you have to type up one of those little codes websites use to keep automated whatsis-whosits from doing something-or-other, don't ask me, it's just some kind of security feature and I just do it. I don't have to understand it to do it. Mine is not to reason why, etc. etc.

Wellanyway, when the little code comes up, it usually comes up as totally randomized sets of letters and numbers such as DL62YB or 47J9L. There....I typed both of those with my eyes shut to illustrate the randomy randomness of those codes so that what I am about to relate will both surprise and astound you.

I finished my message, clicked "Publish Post" and the little code came up and -- get this -- it read:


Is it a message? A sign that I should get a little Captain in me? Well, I mean, that sounded kind of bad, but you've seen those commercials for Captain Morgan rum, right? Should I buy a case of Coke or rent Pirates of the Carribean ("The RUM is gone? What do you mean, the RUM is GONE?") or maybe make a pilgrimage to a ski lodge, where I can partake of the hot buttered variety while sitting by a fire with Carol and Susie? I know those lushes would jump at the chance to drink some rum, especially if they got to do it at a ski lodge.

Or maybe it just means that the girls and I are going to be spending a lot of time in the house over the next few days as the Alberta Clipper moves in, and I'm going to need a great big bottle of something to help me slide effortlessly all those endless arguments beginning with, "Why did you turn the curling iron OFF when you knew I'd just turned it ON? Is it because you feel like you wanted to hurt my feelings because you heard Mommy say that I got a C on my Algebra test?" and ending in tears, slammed doors and bitter recriminations. And if you think that's bad, you should see the way the girls act.

I am a firm believer that there are. No. Coincidences.

Get rum.

I have been told.

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Kayte said...

LOL LOL. Get rum...that is too funny. That ski lodge deal sounds really really good. With rum or without. Stay is so darn cold out there!