Saturday, January 17, 2009

A pain-free life

I'm feeling very much better now and I thank those of you who emailed me for your kind thoughts, prayers and insistence that I avoid Kayte's blog's message to GET RUM since I also GOT VICODIN. The two would not make a pretty combination, you all assured me. And I listened.

So instead of lying unconscious on my bedroom floor in a puddle of my own vomit à la Spinal Tap, I am downstairs in Pat and Angie's den, typing this post and kind of half watching a fierce table tennis tournament over my right shoulder and a fierce Wii tournament over my left. My husband keeps taunting Aisling for hitting the ping-pong ball "like a girl" and Dayden keeps telling Kieren that his Wii character "sucks." Kiersi, whose third birthday is being celebrated with this family get together, keeps insisting that various people push her around the room in a wheeled office chair.

Dayden just yelled, "I'm SMOKING you!!! You're goin' DOWN!!!" so loudly that Louey, the beagle, just ran upstairs with his tail tucked between the legs, evidently thinking that Dayden was saying (in the obviously difficult and confusing human language), "I saw you POOP ON THE FLOOR!!!! You're going OUT TO YOUR CRATE!!!"

Kiersi got lots of clothes, a really cool Barbie wardrobe kit that I actually kind of wanted for myself, some big girl panties with princesses on them and a pretty little tote bag full of hair do-dads from us.

Oops. Everyone has abruptly decided to go upstairs, so I think I need to log off because I don't want to be down here all by myself because if I know Pat, the minute he finds out I'm alone, he will turn out the lights and take great pleasure in my shrieks of terror. Brothers are just that way.

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