Thursday, January 15, 2009

Completely traumatized

Had bad wisdom tooth pulled today. Am sitting here at desk with huge, bowling ball-sized wad of cotton batting (feels like) in mouth. Completely numb on right side of face. Thoughts veering around wildly; wish head were also numb. Could not possibly have happened at a worse time. Hurts -- mouth, head, neck, whole works. Really want my mom something fierce, but she is in Colorado. Consoled only by thought that at least she is still alive and could still have her; matter of car journey or plane trip out west. Maybe will call on phone when can speak without drooling blood down shirt front.

Can't believe people used to have this done by the village blacksmith. On the other hand, the village blacksmith probably would have accepted a chicken and a bottle of homemade apple brandy as payment, whereas this dentist wanted much more than that. For the first time in life was saddened that I've grown to be fat and middle-aged so that I couldn't offer him my virtue in exchange for extraction. Just kidding about that. I think. Never fully appreciated the powerful commodity of good looks while still had them. Figures. On the other hand, teeth were pleased at being healthy and doing their job without complaint when self was aged twenty or thereabouts, at height of cuteness with streaky Early Madonna hair, great suntan, etc.

Must go take Vicodin and have a nice little sleep. Perhaps will feel better when wake up.

Should have gotten wisdom teeth taken out YEARS AGO as Dr. Jim Myers scolded self to do.

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Kayte said...

Oh, I am so sorry you are not feeling sounds really awful...I think these times are supposed to make us appreciate the good ones that much mmore. Something like that. Okay, you can give me a whack when you see me next as I am sure this is NO COMFORT at the moment. Get well soon. Happy to hear your virtue is still intact, btw.