Monday, March 2, 2009

Because it's Monday and it's cold and because the Dow dropped below 7,000

If you were in high school or college or in your mid-twenties when this song was released, I guarantee it will make you smile on a day when you might have just realized that you're going to have to be gainfully employed until you're 93 years old, at the rate things are going now.

This is one of my favorite songs ever. I have always thought that any music by Earth, Wind & Fire was hard to resist, but this song is particularly catchy, especially since it was featured (by boygroup B5) on The Emperor's New Groove soundtrack, and that movie happens to be one of my favorites. This is an actual EWF video, so the disco-era outifts -- I can't decide if the guys are channeling Michael Jackson or William Shatner. Or maybe Linda Evans -- are really, really funny. They must look back at those things and say, "Oy. What were we thinking with all the shiny and the shoulders and the skinny pants?"

So here you go. Stand up out of your chair. Turn up your speakers. Bust a move.

Let's Groove

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Kayte said...

I haven't listened to them in ages...must to dust off and listen to EWF!