Monday, March 30, 2009

We'll see how this goes

Edited to Add: I forgot to mention that this meatload -- and yes, I spelled that correctly and ON PURPOSE -- was made of turkey because it is cheaper than the ground beef and pork sausage I usually use. Oh, yeah....and it was the worst meatload I have ever eaten. Very dry, very bland. I felt like Oliver Twist or maybe Sara Crewe with every bite I ate.

We're a little bit poor-ish this week, due to several bills that have come in all at once, in that dismaying way they tend to do, usually coinciding with the weeks that my husband's commission checks are not all that robust.

So tonight, I am making a meatloaf for dinner that contains more "loaf" than "meat." Should I call it Loafmeat, then? Hmmm... I am all for truth in advertising, but that might be pushing it a bit.

I think it's telling that I just accidentally typed the word "meatload" in the first sentence of the above paragraph. Huh.

Extra whole wheat bread was employed as filler, plus a half a cup of ground flaxseed. Instead of the usual two eggs, I cracked a third 'un into the mix, hoping that would help things stay stuck together so that this would look like dinner instead of breakfast.

I considered throwing in some oatmeal and even thought about tossing in some Frito crumbs left in the bottom of the bag that my husband was snacking on yesterday. I also have recourse to some bran cereal and a box of Cheerios, but the thought of eating anything too cerealy with ketchup sauce on it made me feel a bit throwy-uppy, so we'll just see.

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Kayte said...

Sounds very healthy, doesn't it...all that bran and such. I wish I could wave a magic wand for all this economy nonsense. That would be the wish I want most when the genie shows up.