Thursday, March 5, 2009

That fetching smile

I just made an appointment to have some root planing done on my teeth so that hopefully, I won't experience any more abscessed teeth and have to get them yanked out of my freaked-out head. I've been fortunate that the two abscessed teeth I have had have both been wisdom teeth, but now that I've had my wisdom teeth pulled, what will happen if one of my other dumb teeth decides to go wonky on me?

This is the sort of question one contemplates in the middle years of life.

Grandad is very fond of telling people -- some of whom would rather not know -- that he still has three of his own teeth. And then he'll open his mouth very, very wide. And. Show. You.

Heaven help us all.

Talking about Grandad's teeth made me remember that I haven't talked to him for several weeks, so I called him up just now. He told me he was 1. watching golf; 2. getting over a cold; and 3. unable to find the remote to his television, which he believed was lost in a blanket. I told him I was looking out the window at a robin on the lawn and he told me he was looking forward to The Masters and then we said I-love-you-goodbye.

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