Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh, what terrible, horrible, very bad news

Yesterday? I was reading in the book Eat This Not That? And I came to the most horrible, dreadful upsetting page, like, ever.

On page 271, I discovered that an average-sized margarita -- not those giant buckets that Carol, Susie and I stick our faces into each summer -- is FIVE HUNDRED CALORIES.


I mean, I knew it was sugary. I knew that. But I comforted myself with the fact that I was guzzling down an excellent source of Vitamin C. And if we added peaches or strawberries, which we sometimes do, I was also getting a serving or two of fruit and some fiber. It was a trade-off, see? Kind of like Al Gore doing a carbon footprint tradeoff by whiling away the long, hot Tennessee summers without using the central air conditioning so that he won't feel guilty about flying in jets to different locations in the world to hector people about global warning. Yes, just exactly like that. Because to be totally honest with you, I'm just as sure that Al and Tipper are sweltering in the summer heat as I am that the margarita is a nutritious health tonic.

Not sure at all. But FIVE HUNDRED calories?

In spite of the fact that this book has broken my heart, I still highly recommend it. Oh, I recommend it with a sob catching in my throat, but it is a I borrow a tissue?


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Kayte said...

Let's see, so a half of one would have 250 calories, right? And a half of that would have 125 calories. You just need to pick your glass size is all...LOL LOL. All good things, I have come to find, are at least 500 calories. Wouldn't it be nice not to have calories...or the effects of them in people who like bucket sized margies? I can think of a whole lot I would miss more than calorie counting. Not that I do much of that...LOL.