Friday, March 13, 2009

The best of breakfasts

Monday is my grocery day, so when I went, one of my purchases was two Haas avocados, a fruit of which Meelyn and I are most passionately fond. ALDI sells them for ninety-nine cents each, and they ripen so beautifully in a brown paper lunch bag laid on the kitchen counter and I think it's lovely that something that looks so suspiciously like a tumor taken off a crocodile can be so good and good for you. That, in my mind, is like having a child born to you who can play the harp and has an affinity for really good card tricks, an unexpected double bonus.

So this morning for breakfast, Meelyn and I ate avocado. I like it with a little coarse sea salt (there's something about the slight smooshiness of the avocado and the crunchy quality of the salt between my teeth that is very satisfying to me), but I also like it with some albacore tuna, and hopefully, a great big ripe tomato that is still warm from the garden and the summer sunshine and has barely had the dirt rinsed off it. Meelyn passes on the tuna, but is completely simpatico with me regarding tomatoes.

Tomatoes are not exactly thick on the (frozen solid) Indiana ground right now, so the two of us made do with a handful of whole wheat crackers, which were also slightly salty. It was, I think, the best breakfast I've had in months.

I did think that it would also make the most perfect appetizer, eaten at the little bistro table on the front porch on a really, really hot day, with a really, really cold beer.

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Kayte said...

I was NOT invited to the avocado party, I was NOT invited...RATS. I love them more than just about anything else...crocodile tumor or not (very funny btw). I love them on salads, I love them plain, I love them in guacamole, I love them on a toasted English muffin...I would eat them in a box, I would eat them....YUM...anywhere!