Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goal posts

I have turned over a new leaf, or maybe even a whole new tree.

Considering that my favorite bumper sticker reads "Housework Makes You Ugly," you can imagine that puttering around the house, dusting, tidying, sweeping, polishing, CLEANING is not one of my favorite activities. However, it drives me crazy when the house is a cluttered mess. I just can't stand it; I get all twitchy and weird and kind of sad. This is probably because my years of learning at my mother's knee that inward serenity is expressed by outward beauty, both personal and domestic. And then she'd go clean the shag carpeting fiber by fiber. While wearing lipstick.

It's difficult, trying to reconcile those two different sides of my nature. There's the one side that says "Dust is part of a fiber-rich diet" and the other part of me that says, "Inward serenity is expressed by outward beauty, both personal and domestic." I hear there's medication that can make the voices stop; perhaps I should look in to that.

But this past week, I've been trying to overcome my lazy, wanton nature by posting my daily goals through my online calendar. And for some reason, typing them out every morning and then crossing through them like this when I'm done, well, that just gets me motivated to DO THINGS in a way that I can't understand and which sort of scares me.

This list represents everything I've accomplished during the last week, minus the strike-thrus to make it easier to read. The girls and I are, by the way, in our seventh week of our new housekeeping schedule, and it is working very well for us.


Dust my bedroom
Vacuum my bedroom
Wash/dry sheets
Empty all laundry baskets & put stuff away
Vacuum kitchen and laundry room
Go to grocery for salsa ingredients and chips
Make homemade salsa for tonight's dinner
Bake a loaf of bread
Empty and reload dishwasher
Dinner - Mexican Feast Night: chips/salsa, tacos, refried beans

Few little extras:
Clean off top of desk
Stir up new batch of bread dough (oat bran)


go to bank and get housekeeping/grocery money
go to store
Meelyn to work -- pick Meelyn up
Aisling having friend over today -- go pick friend up -- take friend back home
take two 14yos to Blockbuster and rent "Aquamarine" (changed minds about pool)
bake cake, frost, top with Andes mints
continue reading/taking notes on "The Merchant of Venice"
clean upstairs and downstairs toilets
vacuum kitchen wash dogs' bedding
email parish DRE about getting hands on new books
Dinner: Spaghetti leftovers - always better the second time!

Would like to:
go to farmer's market and buy tomatoes and zucchini
wash out dog's crates (probably won't do, if honest)


bake loaf of bread in bread pan for sandwiches
make new batch of bread dough
wash dogs' dishes
do laundry for husband and self (girls do their own laundry, yay!)
ontinue with reading and notes for "The Merchant of Venice"
go to Indiana State Fair tonight - eat much food of the deep-fried variety
Dinner: See above

Extra goals:
give Wimzie a bath because she STINKS
open box of home schooling materials and began reading teacher's editions


Deposit Shakespeare class money in bank.
Drive Meelyn to work at 11:00 so will have car -- Pick Meelyn up at 2:00
Go to Kroger and maybe Aldi (laundry items, look for meat on sale, ingredients for granola)
Mop floor in downstairs bathroom
Vacuum kitchen floor
Read and take notes on "The Merchant of Venice"
Dinner: Spaghetti and garlic bread

A few extras got done:
Unloaded and reloaded/ran the dishwasher
cleaned upstairs bathtub


Dust and vacuum my bedroom
Do the whole polishy thing on the stove, range top, dishwasher and microwave.
Fold a small mountain of wash cloths that are left over from yesterday's laundry.
Go to grocery
Go to bank
Dinner: Mexican Chili


Go to Wal-Mart for picking up this-and-that.
Clean the toilets upstairs and down
Vacuum the kitchen and laundry room
Take Meelyn to work and pick her up at 2:00
Take Hershey to the vet at 3:15 for an allergy shot
Order school books for coming year
Finish up laundry that DH started yesterday
Dinner: Chili dogs and corn on the cob


Patrick said...

Wow! That's quite the list Shelley. Keep it up.

Kayte said...

Whenever I make a list I feel like I already did it. So, marking it off isn't that motivating. It feels like it should be already done b/c I put it on the list. I have better luck doing it, and then making a list of what I have done and glowing over it at the end of the day! I am a little strange, I will admit it, as I don't know anyone else who does it this way. Hit me.