Saturday, November 21, 2009

Freakin' freaked me out

My husband and I trudged up to bed early last night, both of us exhausted for different reasons: I was very tired because I had only four hours of sleep the night before and it is just really wearing being mean to everyone all day long, you'd just be surprised, and him because no matter how much sleep he gets, it is never enough.

We turned out the light at 10:30 (on a Friday oh my gosh we are so ol-l-l-l-ld....depressing) and I woke up a long time later, only when I looked at the clock it wasn't a long time later after all, it was only like two hours later. This is one of my most hated things: Waking up and feeling as if I've had an entire night's worth of sleep and expecting it to be twenty minutes 'til seven and then finding out that it's actually so early that the girls had probably just gone to bed themselves.

So I was lying there sulking, wondering if I should get up for a while or if I should lie there and try to force myself to go back to sleep, which just makes me CROSS and ITCHY, when all of a sudden, my husband's groggy, sleep-talky voice spoke out into the darkness from where he was lying on his back a couple of feet away: "It doesn't seem like it should be that difficult a decision."

Dude. That scared me, like, to DEATH. Was he reading my mind? Had I unknowingly spoken aloud from some kind of fugue state? I mean, crap. I know he's my husband and that we share that same bed every single night, but I totally had never pegged him for having psychic ability or clairvoyance or whatever.

Suspiciously, heart thumping, I whispered, "Are you awake?"

There was no reply, so I nudged him with my foot.

"The Colts over New England," he slurred irritably, still sleeping soundly. He pulled the covers firmly up to his chin and then turned on his side, a maneuver which usually leaves me shivering cold on my side of the bed. "Every single time."

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Katie said...

We're not in to sports, but I can see my husband saying something like that about Dungeons and Dragons or something, lol!

He also never gets enough sleep, no matter how much he gets. Seriously! He slept once for like 13 hours and then got up and fell asleep on the couch! He does work 3rd shift though, I guess it messes up his internal clock.