Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teen queens

For those of you who have wondered what Meelyn and Aisling look like, here they are, courtesy of my new-found techno-wizardy super-special digital camera mad skillz.

Aisling is on the left and Meelyn is on the right.

They both just yelled the house down at my choice of photos to put on the blog, saying that they "look awful" and "what if some BOY sees us?" but I assured them that 1) this picture is just fine, since they were both in their exercise gear, ready to walk out the door and go to the YMCA to run three miles, which is awesome. And then there's 2) which is there aren't that many people reading here anyway (and I'm sending out BIG LOVE to those of you who do), let alone any teenage boys.

At any rate, this is my most recent picture of them, having been taken just one hour ago. They are the dearest, sweetest treasures of my life, even when the entire house is PULSATING WITH MOODY, WEEPY HORMONES.


Shauna said...

I wish I had a sister to be moody and hormonal and weepy with. I had to be moody, weepy and hormonal all BY MYSELF (and my mom had a hysterectomy when I was 12, so I was REALLY by myself, haha).

Your girls are lovely. :)

The_Ulrichs said...

You daughters are lovely!