Friday, November 13, 2009

Have I figured out this camera thing?

Okay. So I'm a little timid about technology. It has taken me years to get a digital camera, and then when I finally got one, it's been like, well, A YEAR before I learned how to use it.

But really, it's not enough just to learn how to use the digital camera: You have to learn how to get the pictures out of the camera and onto the internet where all your friends can see them and quit their everlasting griping admire the cuteness of your dog or your new haircut or your applesauce streusel muffins.

Let me give you a hint: The pictures don't come out by you either dismantling the camera and peering anxiously into its innards or by shouting "Open sesame! Pictures, come forth! Grrrr!!!! STUPID CAMERA!!!!" The pictures also don't post themselves on the internet by you rubbing your camera on the screen of the monitor. Huh! Found that one out the hard way!

So anyway, if I have this right, you should be looking at an image of Wimzie, looking very cute and hiding her true disposition, which is to violently eat the face off someone pointing a camera in her direction. If you're seeing a white box with a red x in it, either I did something wrong or you need to clean out your cache and guess which one I bet it is?

Please let me know if you can see Wimzie and make me the happiest digital camera owning girl in the whole wide world.


SAHMinIL said...

See your dog, not only on your blog but in the Google Reader I use to read blogs! You have arrived! Congrats on posting your first picture to the net.

Katie said...

She's adorable!

Shelley said...

Please do not be fooled by the cuteness. She has all the charm of Ghengis Khan.