Thursday, July 19, 2007

4-H results of awesomeness (if I do say so myself)

Indulge me for a moment as a proud mama.

In spite of my rugged four hours of sleep last night, we were up and on the road to the 4-H Fairgrounds, zipping into a parking space by 10:55 a.m. I had the camera ready and a change purse full of small bills to buy us some fair food for lunch and off we went!

Here are their standings:


People in My World - blue ribbon with honors
Scrapbooking - blue ribbon with honors
Fine Arts - reserve champion


People in My World - blue ribbon with honors
Scrapbooking - blue ribbon with honors
Fine Arts - blue ribbon

I was so proud of them, I got all teary-eyed and choky-throated at the Fine Arts display. This is Meelyn's second year with a Fine Arts exhibition - last year, she won a blue ribbon for her art. This was Aisling's first year to exhibit in Fine Arts. Proud! Proud! So proud!

Fair Food Tally

1 funnel cake, split three ways

2 styrofoam bowls of Indiana popcorn (which kept blowing away) split three ways

3 Lunch Meals from the barbecue tent
2 pork loin sandwiches
1 chicken breast sandwich
3 bottles cold water with three packets of Crystal Light lemonade
3 bags Lays Classic potato chips, partially eaten and discarded
3 small containers of cinnamon applesauce, completely rejected

1 giant dill pickle

Fair Food Still Desired

roasted corn on the cob-on-a-stick (everybody)

chocolate milkshake (Aisling)

more popcorn (me)

more funnel cakes (everybody)

rib eye steaks (me and my husband)

apple dumplings (Aisling, Meelyn, my husband)

giant dill pickles (Meelyn)

Fair Food That Just About Ruined the Day

rabbit bratwurst (I know. I nearly did, too.)

Aisling talked all the way home about the projects she's going to do next year, including photography, sewing, foods, dog training and cake decorating.

Ha. Little does she know. I am a good mother. But not that good. Nor do I have any desire to be.


Kbg said...

Congratulations, girls! You are winners always in my book...this just probes you are winners in other people's books as well!

I laughed at the Fair Food tally and then realized we are sadly behind here...let's see: I believe this is the count:

2 Rib Eye Steaks (Mark and I)
1 Walking Taco (Matt)
3 Elephant Ears (Alex, Mark, Matt)
1 Giant Pickle (Kayte of course)
4 Lemon Shakeups (All Matt)
3 Bottles of Water (All Kayte)
4 Cokes (Mark and Alex)
1 Popcorn (Matt)

Fair is over in two days...I don't think we can catch up much...LOL. The State Fair is always much more disgusting...the selection is way way more and the guys have no self control (what am I talking about...I never leave there without the peppermint salt water taffy...LOL).

Kbg said...

"Proves" not "Probes"...hmmmm...