Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Very, very hard to wait

I don't know how the girls are feeling, but I am on pins and needles wondering how their 4-H projects have done.

Their Fine Arts contributions were judged on Monday; Meelyn turned in a matted and framed pencil drawing and Aisling did a matted and framed colored pencil drawing. (That seems very weird to say a "matted" drawing, doesn't it? In our house, "matting" is what happens to Wimzie's petticoats whenever she plows through too many puddles.)

Scrapbooking and People in My World entries were judged today.

We have to get through Wednesday, then on Thursday, we can peel out of the driveway, slinging gravel, and head on over to the fairgrounds to see how they placed. I honestly don't know what to expect. I think they both did very well, but then, I'm not the most objective of judges.

I was casting a quick eye over some of the other People in My World displays and some of them looked as good as the girls' did and some looked worse, but none looked a whole lot better.

There are always some scrapbooks that are so gorgeous and creative, they look like they ought to win a prize for the world instead of just for the county fair. Last year, the girls' scrapbooks weren't really all that, but this year, I think they did a much better job.

And we did find out last year that in Fine Arts, there are some entries that were done with so much talent, the young artists ought to be commissioned to paint the ceilings of chapels or something.

So who knows? I think they've got a good chance at some blue ribbons, maybe even blue ribbons with the gold honors star attached. I'm crossing everything: fingers, toes, eyes....you name it.

Thursday seems as far away as Christmas.

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Kbg said...

Well, it is very very hard to wait, especially when they did very very well in scrapbooking...don't read my site if you don't want to know!