Sunday, July 29, 2007

The first news in from the lake

My husband and I just got a call from a Frisch's restaurant at the lake where Meelyn had just ordered soup and a salad and Aisling had just ordered penne pasta in a sauce with broccoli. The girls were enormously excited because their bedroom for the week is "heeeeyoooooge" with a "big vanity" and a "great view over the mountains down to the lake."

Aisling thought that maybe she was going to try sleeping in the extra bedroom, but she and Meelyn have shared a room since they were tiny little things. So I wonder if that will actually happen. Aisling and Meelyn both thought it would be really cool to sleep in queen-sized beds by themselves.

After I talked to them, the phone was passed to my younger nephew, aged six, who was excited about the thought of sleeping on a bed while his older brother, my 13-year-old nephew, sleeps "on a little couch with no blanket." My younger nephew expressed delight in the idea that if my older nephew gets cold and starts to cough, he, my younger nephew will sit up in bed and shout, "STOP COUGHING! STOP COUGHING! STO-O-O-OPPPP COUGHING!"

I don't know what will happen if my older nephew sneezes. Something bad?

I think maybe my older nephew ought to sleep in that spare bedroom, where presumably there are blankets. And no one to yell at him at night.

My dad was the next person on the phone and he told me that they don't know the telephone number of the lake house yet and they can't find the internet connection, which is a poky old dial-up. I hope to get some emails from assorted family members soon. I'd like to piece together a story for the scrapbook and that way, maybe it will seem like my husband and I were actually there, instead of staying home with the dogs and eating pork chops and green beans for dinner. Which were good, but not as good as going to Frisch's with the whole family while anticipating a fun week at the lake and then going back to the house to play cards all night.

My husband and I have spent the first afternoon of our vacation watching The Godfather on television, although I pooped out with only ten minutes to go. Michael Corleone's nephew is getting ready to be baptized, which means the shootin' is about to start. I love the irony of all those dons' bodies being riddled with bullets while Michael meekly renounces Satan and all his works. Nice. Very nice. Martin Scorsese and Mario Puzo, I think it would have been even nicer if Michael Corleone had spontaneously combusted while committing blasphemy as he stood before the Blessed Sacrament, but that would have ix-nayed Part II and Part III, wouldn't it? Darn.

My husband has just realized that the actress who played Michael's sister is the same one who played Adrienne in the Rocky movies. He's very pleased. Hershey just threw up from eating a pork chop bone - it must have been too rich for him. My husband just informed me that no clean up was necessary, as Hershey was helpfully eating his vomit. Nice. Very nice.

I think I'll go do the dinner dishes.

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Kbg said...

It's good to hear that the girls are having such a great time...I hope they are taking lots of pictures! I still can't believe you didn't go along!