Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PRODUCT REVIEW: Del Monte Harvest Spice Peaches

I bought three cans of these peaches at the grocery on some kind of coupon deal, and having just opened the first can and eaten four peach slices from it, I know why the coupon factored so largely in this purchase.

Del Monte should be issuing vouchers to pay people to eat these peaches instead of printing coupons. Because I can sum up the smell, the taste and the mouth-feel of these things in one word: Eeeeeyuck.

I usually like canned peaches almost as well as I like fresh peaches. Ohhhh, hush up. I'm just keeping it real here. Anyway, I was in the mood for something sweet and the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter looked singularly univiting, seeing as all it has in it is one banana (speckled with brown) and an apple (just doesn't look good.) I opened the cabinet, hoping that a bag of Hershey's Kisses would have suddenly materialized, but no. But I did see the peaches.

A few moments later, I had five Harvest Spice peach slices in a little bowl. The smell -- strong overtones of ginger with a little nutmeg -- didn't do a whole lot for me, but I was wondering how anyone could ruin a canned peach. And then I found out.

They were mooshy. A slippery, slimy kind of mooshy, nothing like the usual firmish texture of a nice canned peach. Think "raw oyster." This Del Monte brand must have been canned using the heat from a nuclear reactor - there's nothing there to bite. And the ginger taste overpowered the peach flavor instead of enhancing it. I swallowed the one, gaggily, and poured the rest into the garbage disposal.

They were so gross. Don't buy them.


Julie said...

I accidentally purchased these peaches - the "harvest spice" part is a bit too subtle on the label. After destroying an entire batch of peach pancakes, I can safely say that the labels should feature "DO NOT EAT" signs.

Sarah said...

im going to try to make a peach jello dish and the recipe calls for them.... hope ti turns out good!!