Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another drive-by at the old house

The girls and I were in my hometown yesterday to eat lunch with Poppy, Nanny and the Nephews, where we also swung by the optometrist's office, as I mentioned in an earlier post today.

On our way to my parents' house, we passed by our old home to see if they'd done something, anything, with the landscaping, having senselessly ripped out all the plants and shrubs my husband and I lovingly introduced to the rock-hard Indiana soil, nurturing them like children.

I thought that surely these new people would be planting something new. Maybe even something better.

But no. They haven't. It's been two weeks and now there are WEEDS growing up in the bare places where all those living things were thriving - ugly, horrible weeds.

There is no excuse for this kind of thing. I wanted to go up and rap sharply on the front door, summoning the new owners to the porch and gesturing at the weeds, saying, "Please explain yourselves, you shrub-hating buffoons."

I'm thinking that maybe that wouldn't be well received, though. Maybe I should buy a potted begonia and have it delivered to them with a card with one, terse word written on it in black Sharpie:



Kbg said...

I can so see you doing this...LOL! Do you need Mark's office phone for when they haul you off to jail? LOL.

Andrea said...

I refuse to ever drive by my old house (should I ever return to the state of MD that is). I can't bear to think what they did to my lavender plants and mums, all my hard work at cultivating my plants and shrubs. I'd be devastated to see the inside too - considering I saw pictures of their last house and lets just say palm trees growing out of walls would kill me.