Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why my mother and Aisling are soul mates

Aisling and my mother share many little peculiarities, much in the way that Meelyn and I share a lot of completely sane and reasonable personal traits that endear us to everyone on the planet.

Aisling and my mother can sleep anywhere, at any time. They don't have to have a pillow or a bed; they can sleep sitting bolt upright in the car. They don't mind getting up in the morning and not immediately getting dressed; they can even go without brushing their teeth all day long. Which, you know...EW.

There are other things they do, other similarities that have given me a vividly developed prayer life, but may also drive me to the bottle before all is said and done, but I noticed something the other day with my mother that reminded me so forcibly of Aisling, I stood for a moment in an unattractive attitude of shock, with the mouth hanging open and all.

I had cut Aisling's bangs and they looked good. Aisling has the strangest bangs. At one moment, they are a nice length that enhances her cuteness and a tenth of a millimeter later, she looks like a Wookie.

My mother was admiring her bangs and said, "Oh, Aisling, you look just like that actress!"

"What actress?" asked Aisling, whose enormous self-esteem always appreciates a good affirmation.

"Oh, you know. That one actress. The one with the bangs? You look just like her."

Aisling did this same thing to me not two months ago.

I quietly left the room as Aisling and my mother squealed together, went to the kitchen sink, and turned on the faucet to let water run into my ear. Some kinds of torture are better than others.

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