Sunday, November 25, 2007

FOODIE REVIEW: Martha Stewart's Classic Stuffing

Well, the opinions have come in fast and furious from my experimenting with a new recipe for my traditional Thanksgiving dressing and the word is that is sucked and I should never, ever make it again because it was a major disappointment.

Meelyn said it was "slimy." I don't know if that's what I would have said, but I do agree that it was way too wet. By the time you get two pounds of onions, sixteen celery ribs and a quart or so of chicken stock, you have PLENTY of moisture, believe me. Celery, when cooked down, produces one heck of a lot of water. Considering that the instructions required me only to cook the diced onion until it was translucent (which didn't take very long) there wasn't much time available for the liquid to reduce.

So! I leave this Thanksgiving weekend with the happy knowledge that my own dressing recipe is better than Martha's. Mine is buttery, crispy on the top, and golden brown, a handful of golden raisins nicely balancing the savory with some sweetness; Martha's was wet, gluey and a strange greyish color from the three cups of fresh parsley. Even the toasted pecan pieces couldn't rescue it.

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Kbg said...

Yeah, but her pie crust still rules! At least over here.

I am not much into the stuffing scene, so I probably wouldn't know the difference...and am very willing to take your word on this without even testing it out...I will just note in the recipe book by her stuffing recipe "See Shelley for better recipe." That'll surely fix her...LOL.

That said, I am still a Martha sad, but oh, so true.