Monday, November 19, 2007

Proud momma

Today was our ARCHES November event, which happened to be an art show. We loaded up the girls' art projects from the last year (which included the framed art they entered as Fine Arts projects in the Hamilton County 4-H Fair last July) and took it off to display.

Even nicer, though, was what happened before the art show: This was Aisling's first time to play the piano for Mass. This was also Meelyn's first time to serve as lead cantor, accompanied by the ever-darling Rachel and Gina. They all did such a magnificent job that my heart was all swelled up inside of me. For memory's sake, we sang "Gather Us In" as the processional hymn, "Taste and See" as the communion hymn and "The King of Glory" as the recessional. During the preparation of the gifts, Aisling played "Let There Be Peace on Earth" as a solo.

Meelyn stood up so proud and beautiful and announced the hymn page numbers and Aisling did such a good job in her intros and with keeping a steady tempo for the congregation to sing by. During "The King of Glory," the congregation somehow got ahead of Meelyn, Rachel and Gina which led to a very, very slight moment of confusion, but Aisling, thinking quickly, jumped into the song at the point at which the congregation was warbling away -- it was one of those things that happened so fast, I don't know if any of the congregants knew there was a problem. They handled themselves very well.

My World Literature class for the high school students at ARCHES and our book group that's reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer both went extremely well.

I was really pleased with everything. It's been such a happy, exciting, fulfilling day. I like days like this, especially when they happen on MONDAYS.

I think this may be unprecedented in the history of the world.

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