Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday's List

READING: Another Dean Koontz book, titled The Good Guy. The story is a suspense tale about a man who is, well, a good guy, who is trying to prevent a stranger from being murdered by a hit man. It is very good and, as with all Dean Koontz characters, it is impossible not to like his characters. Well, except for the psycho sadistic hit man, of course. Him I could do without. This book is a little edgier that what I usually read, which means that I've been staying up late, shivering like a giant chihuahua as I turn the pages, my eyes out on stalks.

LISTENING TO: One of my favorite DVDs, Michael Woods' wonderful treat for the eyes and ears, In Search of Shakespeare. I just watched the third episode, "The Duty of Poets", and it was so good, I watched it all over again when it was done. (My husband and the girls are all at the last volleyball practice of the season.)

FAVORITE NEW FIND: A new handbag, a gorgeous, big black leather hobo-style bag at my favorite accessories boutique, Goodwill. I think, from the looks and the feel of it, from the suppleness of the leather and the tight, flat seaming, it must have been a $60-$80 bag, and I got it for a whole $2.99.

FAVORITE THING TODAY: Today is All Saints Day, one of the best holy days of the year. Followed closely by tomorrow's holy day, All Souls.

HOURS OF SLEEP LOGGED LAST NIGHT: Not nearly enough. Because I've been up reading, as I said. In fact, I logged so little sleep last night, Hershey, Wimzie and I took a two hour nap on the sofa this afternoon, all of us blissfully covered up with blankets, snoring in a happy heap. This means that I'll be fresh and alert at 11:30 p.m., ready to finish my novel and spend all day tomorrow staggering around in a stupor. I hope no one at tomorrow's volleyball game thinks I've taken to strong drink.

THE CAUSE OF MY STRESS: This Dean Koontz book is skeeeeeeery! And then there's the fact that it has been weeks since I have written anything here. I am a very bad blogger as it turns out. Which disappoints. I really want this to serve as a record of our school year and how is it going to do that if I never sit down here and type? My only feeble excuse is that we are busy. And we are, really and truly. Things are different when homeschooling two middler schoolers. We also go lots of places. Maybe it will help now that volleyball season is ending.

THE CAUSE OF MY JOY: I am planning the next Shakespeare Workshop for 2008 - we're going to be studying The Taming of the Shrew. And. And!!!! We're also going to be seeing this play is STRATFORD, ONTARIO. Woooooooooooot!!!! This is a long-time dream of mine, to lead a group tour on a fantastic expedition like this. I am very excited. I'm going to be waiting by the phone tomorrow to hear from the travel agent, who will be giving me the package prices for students and adults.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: [in an Oprah Winfrey full-belly shout] THANKSGIVIIIING!!!!!

PRAYING FOR: Dearest Anne.


Sharon said...

I'm impressed by that handbag find. You should post pics!
I, too, am looking forward to Thanksgiving.
Have a good night!

Kbg said...

Ah...all is right with the world...we missed you here in blogland!

Good luck with the volleyball.

Way to go on the boutique find of the century.

All this Shakespeare stuff is FANTASTIC!

May have to check out that mystery writer of yours...but I don't like a lot of scary...what do you think? I like nice little gentle mysteries...Agatha is about my favorite style...LOL.

Don't be a stranger...we miss the InsomniMom when she isn't around!