Thursday, March 6, 2008

Last night -- our room -- 4:10 a.m.

I woke up shivering to find that I had been completely bereft -- with malice aforethought -- of all bedcovers. Coverlet, blankets, sheet...all were heaped upon my husband, whose blissful snores whiffled beneath a giant mound of fabric.

Not unreasonably, I began pulling on the edges of cloth nearest me, whereupon my husband clenched the coverlet, blankets and sheet in his fists, between his knees and maybe even in his teeth, I don't know, and held on like a pit bull on a New York strip.

"Quiddit!" he mumbled indinstinctly. "Doan pull! Thissiz mine!"

"No it isn't!" I insisted, pulling harder. "You've stolen every last blanket off my side of the bed and all I have to cover my goose-pimpled flesh is a handful of used Kleenexes. Gimme!"

"Stobbit! Quiddit!"

So I stopped. Just long enough for him to tumble back into sleep, and then I gave a mighty pull, triumphantly releasing my share of the bed covers. I settled their cuddly warmth over me, only to find seconds later that my husband was awake again, and pulling.

"You took all my sheet! I have no sheet!"

"You," I said, in my finest moment of late-night comedy, "are full of sheet, mister."

"Oh, ha ha ha."

"Thank you. And good night."

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Kbg said...

LOL on the "sheet" business.

The problem we have here is thus: covers all nicely and evenly distributed. Everyone happy and cozy. Hot flash hits and covers get thrown off quickly and recklessly. Once covers are off, he figures they now belong to him. LOL. When hot flash is over, reclaiming said covers can sometimes take a bit of stealthy planning and executing. And then, covers all nicely and evenly distributed. Hot flash hits again and so forth and so forth....just you wait!