Monday, March 17, 2008

Notes on recent posts and life happenings

1. I read over some of my website reviews, and I just realized that they are the dumbest things, like, ever. Not the things I'm writing about, you understand -- Kayte's blog, the Virtual Rosary, FlyLady, all those things are very very good and you'll like them. Which is basically all I ever say, as in:

WEBSITE REVIEW: You will like this website. So go there. Love, Me.

Really dumb.

Item 2 on the list is this: I served my family instant mashed potatoes the other night because I was just too tired to peel the real things that are growing ugly sprouts back in their little bin in the laundry room. Meelyn keeps threatening to tell Kayte, holding it over my head as if I took possession of a bunch of TVs that fell off the back of a truck or something.

I served instant mashed potatoes. I SERVED INSTANT MASHED POTATOES. Hungry Jack. And I'd do it again, gol ding it.

1 comment:

Kbg said...

First I like your website reviews and I always check them out.

Second: INSTANT MASHED POTATOES...INSTANT MASHED POTATOES...INSTANT MASHED POTATOES, What the heck are those????? Good girl, keep up the "Not on my watch" line. A girl after my own heart!

I hope you know I am just teasing on all that...whatever works, works.