Saturday, March 22, 2008

One of these would be nice

I plan on getting one of these nice little rolling carts someday very soon. Only I don't want to fill it with paint supplies; I want to fill it with Shakespeare Workshop stuff, which we are currently hauling around in a great big ugly cardboard box that has definitely seen better days. It's also a heavy cardboard box, which Meelyn generally ends up carrying. The box, which I picked up at the grocery, says something about breakfast cereal on the side of it, which I feel is not quite the dignified, respectable image I'd like to promote for my class.

At any rate, this rolling tote is called a Quik Cart. It is the same width as a plastic milk crate, but just a little bit taller and sturdier, but one knacky thing about it is that it will collapse and fold up for easy storage. It also has that handy lid, as you can see, and this lid supposedly helps the Quik Cart double (triple?) as both a seat and a step stool. Although I don't think I'll be trying either one, considering my embonpoint. Really, all I require it to do is hold a lot of stuff and roll placidly along behind me. I've seen people using these things and thought what a smashing idea some clever person had, but had no idea where to buy one.

Thanks to Google, I typed "rolling milk crate" into the search field, and less than a second later (thanks again, Pat, for the loan of this whizzy computer) Quik Cart came up at the top of the page at the Space website. Thirty dollars + shipping well spent.

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Kbg said...

You can also get them at Linens...they are very popular with the homeschooling crowd at the big conference, so they stock up around that time of year.

That said, they often run out around that time, so if you already ordered it, and it is coming straight to your door, you are way ahead of the game.

Can you believe I knew a shopping answer????? Go figure. Won't probably happen again in your lifetime.