Friday, March 21, 2008

WEBSITE REVIEW: The Rosary Workshop

The Rosary Workshop is a website I found a few years back while surfing around on the net. Back when money was not so tight, I bought two chaplets from the Rosary Workshop for my husband and I to carry as we were welcomed into the Church in April 2003. He carried his, an Irish Penal rosary, in his pocket, but I looped mine around my wrist as I received my first holy communion that Easter Vigil night.

My husband bought me a rosary from the Workshop as a combination Mother's Day/birthday gift a few years ago and I use it every day.

These rosaries and chaplets are all really expensive, but they are one-of-a-kind. And if you'll take a look at the guild's creations by clicking on the pictures, you'll see that they are wonderful works of art. Sometimes I just go to the site to look at the gorgeous photographs and read the scripture passages they use to highlight the names they choose for each piece. It's like a trip through a virtual art gallery. I find it very restful, very moving.

The Rosary Workshop has lightning fast shipping, each set of beads arriving in a beautiful little gift box. When my husband's chaplet got stretched out from being jostled in his pocket every day, I mailed it to the guild in Michigan and they re-strung it for free and paid for the shipping. The ladies of this rosary guild are very nice people indeed.

These rosaries and chaplets would make excellent gifts for confirmations, weddings and other events where an heirloom rosary would be appreciated. There's one at the Rosary Workshop to fit the taste and personality of any person praying this beloved devotion.

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