Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little "Loco-Motion" on a slow Sunday

Here's another great, great song, Grand Funk Railroad's cover of "Loco-Motion." Lots of bands have covered this song, including that Kylie Minogue baggage; actually, there was even an original by Little Eva in 1962. But none of them ever did it the way Mark Farner and Grand Funk Railroad did. I had the 45 version of this song and I played it over and over and over again on my little record player. Love!

My favorite part of this video is when security has to take down a deranged fan, who'd had all of Mark's swingin' hips she could deal with and made the unwise decision to rush the stage and propose marriage to him without a proper introduction. Like two hyenas on a gazelle, it was. But they hustle her away before I could....I mean, before anyone in the audience could yell "DOWN IN FRONT!"

This is from 1974 when I was all of eleven years old, with buck teeth and pig tails and mosquito bites. I loved Mark even then, more than twist cones from Tastee-Freez, if you can imagine.

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