Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer of 1970

Honestly, do you know anybody who doesn't like "Down on the Corner"? It's such a happy song.

I was only seven in the summer of 1970, so my mom still had to go to the pool with me then. I rode my bike while she pushed Pat in the stroller -- he was only a year old, and she'd sit in the baby pool with him while he splashed.

It's funny how so many of my memories go back to that radio at White Estates swimming pool. I'll hear a certain song and WHAM! I'm back at the pool; I can see what beach towel I was using, I know what bathing suit I had on, I know what friends were there with me.

This song, however, was always a popular one, so I get a mish-mash of mental impressions when I hear it. I remember being little and hearing it; I remember being in upper elementary, in junior high and in high school.

White Estates pool is still going strong, although it looks so tiny now that I'm grown. Creedence Clearwater Revival apparently is still around, too. And so am I, although at a different pool now, listening to music that will someday bring back summertime memories to Meelyn and Aisling, I'm sure.

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Kayte said...

CCR had no bad songs. NONE. Love them ALL. That said, I should have paid a little more attention when Alex's favorite was always "Bad Moon Rising...." Enough said.