Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Someone saved my life tonight

I swear, what with the time of day it is (7:00 p.m.) and the PMS I'm suffering, the only thing that is propping up my will to live is the box of Little Debbie Nutty Bars I snuck into the shopping cart when the girls weren't looking.

If I weren't sitting here chewing on the peanut-buttery choco-goodness of one of these delicious, double-wrapped snackies right now, I'd either be running away to join the circus, flinging myself sobbing full-length across my bed or trying to finagle another prescription for Vicodin out of my doctor. And why? you ask. What straits have led you to this sad pass?

Oh, well, it could be the fact that when I spread out the sunshade across the minivan's windshield this afternoon, Meelyn and Aisling laughingly told me that only "old people" use sunshades in their vehicles. And also Aisling was messing with me when I was sitting at the computer and accidentally erased my brand new all-time high score in Collapse!® a little while ago.

I will be very thankful for the menopause. When will it be here? If I send it flowers, will it come faster?

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Kayte said...

Be careful what you wish, or you will surely get it...isn't that how the saying goes??? LOL. Little Debbie, huh? I cannot believe the people that are hooked on Little Debbies this and that! Before I came to Indiana I didn't even know about LD's...and I think I had one once called an Oatmeal something or other. With a gooey vanilla center. Ring a bell?