Monday, June 15, 2009

Wash away my trouble

Because this is just an all-around rotten stench of a day, things could only get better with some Three Dog Night.

Here are Danny, Chuck and Cory, looking about my dad's age, but that's okay because they are still rockin' "Shambala" the same way they did when I was ten -- I have loved this song for decades. I remember being enthralled because my friend Stephanie's older brother Vince had a huge 3DN poster on the wall of his room, where we were not allowed to go, but could at least stand in the doorway gawking only if Vince happened to be at the golf course, caddying.

This video has some neat shots of the guys back in the day superimposed over the present-day stuff.


Kayte said...

It is amazing to me that someone who could love Def, CCR, 3 Dogs, etc. can also love The Carpenters with such gleeful joy. LOL.

Shelley said...

Karen Carpenter had such a beautiful voice, didn't she? Kind of like honey and brown sugar. That's what makes a difference in Carpenters songs. Although there are some -- "Top of the World," "Sing a Song" -- that make me DIVE for the button. Changeitchangeitchangeitttttt....Those songs I simply cannot bear. MUCH too much with the perkiness.

3DN always pleases, though. They have such an awesome amount of great songs that never seem to get old. Kind of like CCR!