Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer of '76

The summer of 1976 was the summer of "Band on the Run." It was THE song being played on the radio at White Estates pool as my adolescent friends and I lolled around on our beach towels in the weeks before our eighth grade year at Parkview Junior High started. Everyone loved this song and at times, people would sing their favorite parts. Well, the kids would. Not the moms. Moms today probably would, but back in those days, there were still moms who wore cantilevered bathing suits that looked like combination Hazmat garments/chastity belts. And those swim caps with the little flower petals on them. Liberation came late to east central Indiana.

My favorite part has always been as the song is wrapping up when Paul sings, "And the county juuuuuudge....who held a gru-uh-uh-uh-udge....was searchin' everyone...for the band on the run..."

Here are Paul, Linda and the rest of Wings, live at the Seattle King Dome in 1976, in a more innocent world.

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