Monday, January 3, 2011

Epiphany - The Three Traveling Kings on the Third Day

"I thought we were supposed to turn left at the bazaar."

"No, it was right! I know we were supposed to turn right!"

"Well, Wise Man, if we were supposed to turn right at the bazaar, how'd we wind up here, at the wrong manger?"

"This is very awkward. What if someone sees us carrying these gifts and thinks they're for that porcelain baby?"

"Just keep your head down and keep on walking. Don't make eye contact."

"Hey, maybe we could ask that shepherd there if he knows where the poly resin manger is."

"Okay, maybe you've missed this, but we are the MAGI. We don't have to ask for directions from anyone, especially some simpering porcelain shepherd. KEEP WALKING."

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