Saturday, January 1, 2011

Epiphany - The Three Traveling Kings

It's that time of year again, even though it really isn't. You see, all the holy days fell awkwardly on the weekend this year, which meant that Epiphany was changed from January 6 to....January 1? I don't really get it, because how are we supposed to be experiencing the twelve days of Christmas if there are only seven of them? I am not one to be easily separated from any bit of celebrating I can wring out of the Christmas season, especially if there's a chance that more presents might come my way, so I decided that the three Magi would go ahead and journey on to the kitchen windowsill, where they shall find the Jesus in his little manger. On January 6.

Last year, the three Kings from my porcelain nativity journeyed all over the house between Christmas and Epiphany, so I thought it would only be fair for these cute little guys to do their own stint of wandering and posing for this year's blog edition. Here they are pictured on one of my cookbook shelves, cheerfully strolling along past Julia Child and Giada de Lorentiis and Peter Reinhart, so they'll be well fed on their travels.

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