Monday, January 17, 2011

I'd like my sinus infection on the side, please

It is no great revelation to anyone who knows me that I am the world's biggest hypochondriac, sometimes experiencing other people's symptoms of illness concurrently with them, even though I am not sick myself. Like, come up to me and tell me about your tonsillitis, your migraine headaches, your inability to digest soy and pretty soon I will be standing there feeling feverish while experiencing an aura along with a pressing need to visit the restroom.

I think it has something to do with my great love and compassion for all humanity. I take your pain: I make it my own. And then I'll want to tell you all about my suffering, so please stay close to your mobile phone, your email and your Facebook wall.

At the present time, I am all on my own with sickness. Having pneumonia over Christmas just righteously sucked and then to get a sinus infection on top of that mess was just adding insult to injury. Today was the blessed day when I finished the last of the amoxicillin the doctor prescribed for my sinuses and I am so glad because I am convinced that the side effects of that crap are quite possibly worse than the infection it was supposed to treat.

For the past seven days or so, I've been experiencing a series of delightful side effects from the amoxicillin, ranging from a horrible bitter taste in my mouth, to dizziness and lightheadedness, to nausea....oh, it's just been so much fun. There have been times when I have wanted to call the doctor back to demand some kind of drug that would counteract the stupid side effects.

I blush to tell you that my attitude through all of this hasn't been one of tolerance and good cheer. In fact, I've been surly and grumpy, complaining loudly and with frequency about my various ills. Not for me the old Catholic manner of "offering it up" with prayer for the salvation of souls. No, I'm too worried about my own and how it's faring in there, what with the constant, jostling nausea that makes my tongue lump up like a big, wet piece of army blanket about sixty times a day. I want other people to offer their stuff up for me, mostly in the area of bringing me a cup of green tea with honey and rubbing my feet and adjusting a pillow behind my weary head. And bringing me a new selection of library books to while away the time when no one is around to hear my roars of outrage.

With that last tablet, hopefully my sinus infection will be gone and the side effects of the amoxicillin along with it. Just in case either is still lingering, please pray for my family.


john said...

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gonepostal said...

I know this is an older post but I just had to say that I am home sick from work today...have been home sick from work since last Wednesday with some icky disgusting nonstop nausea, diarrhea, fever, aches, etc. stomach virus (that, here's the real humor--I picked up at work!). I found your blog & oh how it's cheered me up! I now have a bladder infection to really put the icing on the cake- woo hoo! I'm glad to know that there's someone else out that who doesn't handle sickness well. I've been just a mess & I think my family is about ready to box me up & mail me off far, far, away. Thanks so much for the laughs!!

johann said...

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