Friday, August 24, 2007

Did I just do that?

Today, while the girls were at volleyball practice, I was walking through the house picking things up and returning them to their places while deep in thought: I was thinking about how on earth I am ever going to cram Shakespeare's life and the English Reformation and Counter-Reformation and Elizabethan/Jacobean theater into four tiny little hours on Tuesday.

In my left hand, I was carrying some shredded junk mail. In my right hand, I was carrying a plastic cup half filled with water.

As I walked into the kitchen, I dropped the cup of water into the wastebasket and threw the shredded junk mail into the sink and turned around to walk back out. I stopped and had a total Scooby Doo moment -- "Rut ro!" -- and then sheepishly fished the wet mail out of the sink and the cup out of the wastebasket, performing a quick switcheroo with no one the wiser except Hershey and Wimzie, who will never tell because I gave them each a cookie.

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