Tuesday, August 7, 2007

RECIPE REDUX: Wasabi wit you?

Okay, I tried that recipe for Wasabi Peanuts down below? And it was really horrible. Don't try it. Unless, of course, you enjoy buying ingredients like wasabi paste, which is not cheap, and basically just throwing it in the kitchen garbage as soon as you get home.

I did find it to be a more than adequate sinus opener, though. By the time I got finished beating it until it was frothy, I felt like my entire head had been reamed out with a plumber's snake. At one point, I undertook to blow my nose, but had to stop when I'd used up a roll of toilet tissue and a gallon bucket. Allergy sufferers, take note.

There is nothing wrong with your sinuses that a little
Japanese horseradish can't cure. Image credit: Nuts Online

So here's my new recipe for wasabi peanuts. I hope you'll try them if you like really spicy food. I think my Grandad would say that they'll put hair on your chest. So if your chest is bald and you'd like to grow a luxurious mat of hair, such as Tom Selleck had back in the old Magnum, P.I. days, get out your debit card.

Wasabi Peanuts

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See? See how simple that was?

Look at that manly man. Rumor has
it that he ate wasabi peanuts daily
and refused to share any with Rick,
TC, or that fruity Higgins guy. Photo
credit: IMBD.com

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