Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big love to Katie

Last week, I posted that I needed to buy a food processor so that I could make salsa. And pie crusts. And grate a heel of Parmesan without little bloody flecks of skin from my knuckles decorating an otherwise pristine mound of cheese (I know that just made Kayte want to throw up, hahahahahaha.)

Imagine my delight when my phone rang the other day and it was Katie, who said in her quiet, ladylike voice, "I've been reading your blog."

Hastily, I cast my mind back over my last few posts. Had I said anything too outrageous? Had I been accidentally flippant about some sacred subject? Because I did that once back in May and she gave me That Katie Look, which made me want to slump over, abashed, and kick my toe on the carpet, mumbling that it warn't my fault I wasn't brought up no better than that. "And?" I asked feebly.

"I have a food processor you can have. It's been out in the garage waiting to be taken to Goodwill, because I already have another food processor. My mother-in-law bought this one for me and I don't want it, so you're welcome to it, if you'd like it. I can bring it to you tonight."

Now see how she is? I now have this very nice food processor that was totally free, which reminds me yet again what a generous and giving friend she is. I am very blessed to have so many generous people in my life, friends and family alike, and Katie is one of my most loved, although she's so reserved and I'm so, er- high-spirited, that she'll probably worry that I'll try to give her a hug the next time we meet. Sometimes it is hard for me to reign in my exuberance, especially when people give me presents.


Anonymous said...

You Lucky Duck!!

Kayte said...

Oh, I am going to mention to Katie that I would really like to have, let's see...a girl...maybe she will get me one from her garage or somewhere! I can hardly wait!

Oh, I am so happy you have a new processor, now I can quit going to garage sales and saying, "Do you have a food processor for sale?" Matt says, "Mom, I am thinking no one sells those at garage sales..." how little faith he has...Katie got one out of her GARAGE!