Sunday, August 24, 2008

Woe is me

I am starting to get in a bread-baking kind of mood, which means hauling the bread machine out from the appliance garage, conveniently located under a counter and so deep that I practically have to stand on my head to get it. That, or yell and make one of the girls come get it. I do have my sneaky ways.

So anyway, I bought a new jar of yeast and a new bag of whole wheat flour, because I absolutely love the way the bread machine does whole wheat bread -- it is as different from the grocery store's whole wheat sandwich slices as a beautifully scented candle's aroma is different from cigar smoke. I was prepped.

Then I went to look for the two little leaflet cookbooks that go with my bread machine. One came with it and the other was one I ordered from the company, which I believe is Rival. My bread machine is either ten or eleven years old and still going strong and those recipes -- about forty in all, with everything from oatmeal bread to potato bread to dinner rolls to pizza crust -- have been my mainstays. I have always kept those two leaflets in the red three-ring binder I keep all my family recipes in.

Only when I looked in there on Friday, they were gone.

The last time I used the machine, which was early in the spring, I must not have put them back.

But where did I put them? I haven't a clue.

Without them, my bread machine is pretty much useless, and I am the saddest, bread-hungry person you have ever seen.

Where? Where?

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Kayte said...

Tony, Tony, look around, something's lost and must be found.....