Friday, August 29, 2008

Last day at the pool

The girls probably won't even be out of bed for another half hour, but I've been in my bathing suit ever since I opened up my peepers this morning. The first thought in my head was: This could be the LAST DAY we can go.

Saturday might work, but it would be a little difficult since we'll be going to 5:00 Mass and Aisling needs to get to the church to do some practicing beforehand. That doesn't leave us much time to loll around at the pool in our usual leisurely there-for-three-hours fashion, considering that the pool doesn't open until 11:00.

Sunday is out because we're going to brunch with my grandparents and the rest of the fam, and then my husband is going to mow my parents' lawn, since they're out of town. While he does that, the girls and I are going to go visit our other grandpa, who recently had to go to a nursing home because of his advanced Alzheimer's Disease.

Monday, we're having company. I've already got the little Playmate cooler sitting out on the table. I've got some cash to buy us lunch, probably at Subway or somesuch, since the snack bar is rapidly running out of foodstuffs; we were desolate when they ran out of soft pretzels.

We'll have to clean out our locker for another year, bringing home the shampoo and conditioner and body wash and bottles of sunscreen. Plus the pool toys we played with all summer, with the boys....

I'm really trying hard not to be sad about this, but not being very successful.

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Kayte said...

I know...that's why I do not go gently into that good night when Bill show sup here with his pool closin' bits...second week in October. At least I am last on his list.

It seems like only yesterday he was opening the pool...where did that time go?