Friday, August 15, 2008

Freshman Year Course Work

I sat down this morning to begin planning out Meelyn's freshman year, laying the groundwork to write weekly lesson plans for the first semester of the year, get the daily log book started and the portfolio system we're using all set up. And wow. It looks like a busy schedule (for BOTH of us), but that's high school for you.

Each class has to meet the time requirement for 160 half-hour sessions (or 80 total hours), which I don't think will be a problem. At least, right now I don't think it will be a problem, but you may want to check back in here in October or January, which are typically the two bad mojo months in home schooling.

Here's what she's doing for her freshman year at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, which meets at our dining room table.


Grammar (EN-G9): Analytical Grammar -- 17 units 1st semester, units 1-10/2nd semester, units 11-17
Vocabulary (EN-V9): Wordly Wise 3000, Grade 9 -- (this book is still on its way to our house)
Literature (EN-BL): The Poetry and Prose of England -- (I'm teaching this and still writing the syllabus)
Beginning Logic (EN-BL): The Fallacy Detective -- 36 lessons1st semester, lessons 1-19/2nd semester, lessons 20-36


MUS Pre-Algebra -- 30 lessons 1st semester, lessons 1-15/2nd semester, units 16-30


Exploring Creation with Biology (Apologia) -- 16 modules 1st semester, modules 1-8/2nd semester, modules 9-16


Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish, Level 1 (Homeschool Edition) -- 45 lessons 1st semester, Units 1 & 2 (lessons 1-22)/2nd semester, Units 3 & 4 (lessons 23-45)


Baltimore Catechism 3 (still waiting on this in the mail)


Art History (FA-AH): A Short History of Modern Art (Janson & Janson) -- (I'm designing a course for the girls based on this book; we'll arrange our tours at the Indianapolis Museum of Art to go along with what we're reading.
Drawing (FA-D): Art lessons in Tipton


Studies in Shakespeare (EN-SS): The Shakespeare Workshop -- 2 workshops1st semester, Macbeth/2nd semester, Henry V


Volleyball (PE-V): fitness training, practice and games (1st semester)
Personal Fitness (PE-PF): Mini-Marathon training

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Kayte said...

Looks great to me...and don't forget that you have a Le Cordon Bleu cooking school credit in there somewhere....