Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Toot! (August 5)

My Tuesday Toot for this week is that I....uhhhmmmm....lessee.....It's hard to think of these things sometimes. Aha! I've thought of one!

I make really beautiful soap. Really nice. It started out as a hobby many years ago and then turned into a business which turned back into a hobby again because as it turns out, I can't run a business and continue breathing at the same time.

Anyway, I made all kinds of gorgeous bath soap -- soap with lovely, exotic oils; soap with fragrant, delicious scents; soap made with Dead Sea salts, goat's milk, French green clay and pure silk fibers.

I've been getting this strong desire to get out my soaping equipment and whip up a nice batch, maybe just a couple of pounds for the fun of it. Soap making is something I love to do and it's something I'm actually good at. Which makes it even more fun.

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Kayte said...

Oh, yes, I am voting for the revisiting the soap making and providing your friends, who are willing to make monetary contributions, toward bars of such...shall I keep begging or will you just do it nicely?