Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"The Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel

I was doing a little housework here on the site before midnight tonight (it is considerably after midnight right now and here I still am, which is why, well....InsomniMom) and I stumbled across the fact that this blog had something like one hundred twenty hits between ten o'clock and midnight, which is a personal best by about one hundred eighteen, give or take a few.

It was quite exciting, thinking that THAT MANY PEOPLE had been lurking around to read about how I made a girl in my Shakespeare class cry -- and you wonder why I can't sleep? Now you know. I stay up late plotting deeds that will make fifteen year olds burst into tears, and I think my heart may have broken a little bit -- or perhaps view my YouTube offering of Karen Carpenter singing "Close to You," but no. It was all due to the lyrics from a Peter Gabriel song I had copied onto the blog in a post titled "Beautiful Song" from January 2008.

Apparently, this song was featured on what may have been the season finale of Scrubs, which is a show I don't watch because medical shows always make me very nervous about disease. For all the people who have come here looking, here's a YouTube video featuring the lyrics, vocals and music. Yes, I most certainly did get all teared up when I listened to it again. It is, as I said before, a beautiful song.

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Kayte said...

Peter Gabriel can always pack it away, can't he?

YOU MADE SOMEONE CRY??? Oh, no, ruined the child for life. Just kidding. Teenage girls are emotionally right on the line usually anyway. One of the advantages of NOT being a teenage girl anymore.