Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sad, sad Meelyn

No good news today from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles: Meelyn didn't get her license. It wasn't because she didn't pass the written test; it was because she didn't take the written test. Because we didn't know she had to. Because someone at the driving school she went to last summer told us....

Oh, never mind what we were told. The crux of the matter is whether the person of whom I asked the pertinent question -- "So if she gets an A or a B in the class, she does not have to take the written test? Is that right?" -- misunderstood me, or whether I misunderstood the answer: no one knows, since it happened last summer.

All I know now is that the BMV and the owner of the driving school have two wildly varying stories of what a student needs to do regarding the written and driving tests in order to get an Indiana driver's license. Frankly, neither of them makes much sense, and I suspect the driving school owner may be trying to cover an oopsie-daisy moment by one of his employees, and I never expect a whole lot from any government agency, so there you have it.

Meelyn still has all of her carefully filed notes and papers from last summer, so she's sitting down now to study the BMV booklet, and I am getting ready to download some one hundred question practice tests from this helpful website and hopefully, she will have her license within the next few days, once she feels confidently refreshed in all the stuff she learned last July.

Meanwhile, I am feverishly hoping I don't run out of milk or eggs or toilet paper or Diet Coke within the next few days.

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