Monday, May 4, 2009

Here's a strange thing

We had a big, fresh pineapple lounging in the fruit bowl in the middle of the kitchen table, flaunting its green crown and sending forth a sweet and tempting aroma, and I decided to cut it open today so that the girls and I could have some with lunch.

I cut us off each a circle and removed the core and prickly skin, leaving us with gorgeous, juicy chunks to nibble. I nibbled so enthusiastically, and the pineapple was so lovely and ripe, that I felt like I needed to go down to the Buggy Bath and stand in one of the stalls made for cars and have someone hose me down with water.

It's been just over an hour since I ate that bit of Hawaii's best and my mouth and lips feel all weird and burny-itchy. It is not very pleasant, and I'm getting the impression that I may have developed an allergy to pineapple. Hmmm....


SAHMinIL said...

Allergies can develop at any time or so I've been told. My DH co-work is in her 40s and just discovered within the last year that she is now allergic to bananas. My grandfather is in his 70's and just found out 2 years ago that he developed an allergy to wheat.

Shelley said...

Hello, SAHMinIL!

Oh my goodness! Your grandpa and that wheat allergy coming up in his 70's after a lifetime of eating bread! Yikes.

About the pineapple, I'm now wondering if that's what made my mouth so burny and itchy, because I just put some Burt's Bees Balm lip balm on and my lips started burning like crazy. I wonder if I've developed a sensitivity to the beeswax? I had to wipe that stuff off F-A-S-T.

SAHMinIL said...

Yep after a life time of bread he can no longer eat anything made with wheat: No bread, cakes, pizza, pies, brownies, pasta, etc. If it has wheat he can't eat it now. It's been really hard for him, he doesn't how that can happen like I said he's in his 70s and well you get use to having certain things after 70 plus years and to wake up one morning and get told you can no longer eat this or that it's hard.

Kayte said...

Google pineapple and allergies and see what comes up. Matt is allergic to pears of all things.

Shelley said...

I'm thinking that my burny-itchy lips were due to the lip balm, rather than the pineapple. I am a lip balm fanatic, and every time I put lip balm on for the rest of the afternoon, the burning and itching would recommence.

After about two hours of this silliness, I finally thought, "Gee, I WONDER IF IT'S THE LIP BALM?"

I am not too swift on the uptake, obviously. LOL!!!