Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fashionably framed

Aisling and I have appointments with the optometrist this coming Tuesday; she is getting fitted for contact lenses and I am having an exam and choosing new eyeglass frames.

I wear my glasses for everything except reading and I've had these particular frames for, oh, I'm thinking FIVE YEARS. Happy was the day when I realized that they were kind of broken. Not cataclysmically broken, as in sat upon or perhaps ground underfoot, but more like bent. Bent enough that I no longer felt compelled to un-bend them, especially since our vision insurance pays for new frames every two years, which kind of begs the question: WHY HAVEN'T I HAD NEW ONES BEFORE NOW?

The answer to that question is, I have no clue. I mean, we do pay for that vision insurance. It is part of the $500+ monthly premium we part with as part of my husband's employers' group insurance plan. When you pay that much, it is kind of stupid not to avail yourself of every benefit you can claim.

Other than that, I am rocky excited to get some new glasses. What will I choose? What will I choose? And will I be able to trust Aisling and Meelyn to guide my selection so that I won't end up with some frames that will scare the birds out of the trees?

Maybe I should call my mother....


Krista said...

I just got new glasses last Wednesday...or rather had the eye exam for my new contacts and glasses. I'm still not sure if I will like the new frames or not. DH was there and absolutely worthless. Good luck with yours!

Amy said...

I don't recall you wearing glasses. Am I crazy? Anywho -- did you pick out a new pair? Pictures, please!