Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun facts about Zuzu

I took Zuzu to the vet yesterday to get her shots and have a general check-up and I learned some very interesting things about her that I wanted to share for all of you who have been kind enough to express interest in our little foundling, who has now been with us for two months, a refugee from the cold, cruel January world.

Here's what I asked:

What kind of dog is this, exactly?

The vet believes that Zuzu is part miniature schnauzer and part poodle, which makes her a Schnaudle? Or maybe a Schnoodle?

How old is she?

The vet thinks that Zuzu is actually not a puppy at all. The tartar formed on her back teeth leads the doctor to surmise that she is two years old. We've decided to make her official birthday March 12, the day she went to the vet for the first time.

Is she healthy? Because we suspect that she was neglected by her previous owners.

She is very healthy, alert and bright. Good heartbeat, good digestive sounds, hearing checks out okay, can obviously see; friendly girl and full of energy. And, er....nothing wrong with her lungs or vocal cords, either. Our mail carrier can attest to this.

How much does she weigh?

Ten pounds, right on the dot!

How big will she get?

Unless she gets fatter, which she shouldn't do because she is at a good weight right now, in spite of her fondess for yogurt and that Kong brand pâté, she probably won't get any bigger. Zuzu is an adult, a grown-up lady.

Isn't she the cutest dog ever in the world?

Oh, most definitely. Without question.

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Amy said...

I'd go with Schnoodle. She is really a cutie.