Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday, but who's counting)

Well, we HAVE been having a time of it over here, which is what makes me appreciate Menu Plan Monday even more than I already do. Because even when things have been crazed enough that I can't blog-post the plan until Tuesday, well, I still do have my handy clipboard here with me with the menu planning template I downloaded and copied from Laura's site, I'm an Organizing Junkie, along with the grocery list template.

Now you might think that when life is in such an uproar that the only available moment you have to put on mascara is when you go to the bathroom to pee might not be the best time to start downloading and printing out grocery shopping lists and menu plan templates, much less take the time to fill them out. Actually, what I have found is that when that's when I need those things the most.

So here today, on Tuesday, the second day of the week which started out with my husband having a bad fall while on a seven-mile training run and doing great damage to his right knee -- I'm going to explain more about that later, because the poor thing has been through so much, he deserves his own post -- is my menu plan, the one stress-free thing I have going.

Menu Plan for the Week of March 22, 2010

Monday -- Old-Fashioned Chipped Beef Gravy, potato puffs and carrots

Tuesday --Baked Pork Chop and Cabbage with peas

Wednesday -- Breakfast for Dinner!!! Nanny's Breakfast Casserole (ssssh, don't tell her)

Thursday -- Beef roast in the slow-cooker with cauliflower au gratin and green beans

Friday -- Fettucine Alfredo with crab meat and garlic toast

On Saturday of this week, I served chili dogs with potato puffs and corn casserole, and for Sunday's dinner we had some baked potato soup garnished with chopped green onion and bacon crumbles. It turned out extra-good this time, which always bemuses me because I swear I use the same recipe every time I make it.

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Kayte said...

Is it too late to make reservations for either Thursday or Friday? Both sound really good to me. What is "chipped beef"...is this an Indiana thing?