Monday, March 15, 2010

Whoa! Back up the Menu Plan Monday bus!

What am I thinking? This Wednesday is St. Patrick's Day! And I think I heard somewhere that it is illegal to be an American of Irish descent and not have corned beef brisket, buttery cabbage, boiled potatoes (also with the butter) and soda bread for dinner.

Police officers dressed in green uniforms with badges shaped like shamrocks march up to your door around dinner time, and if they see you all sitting there in front of, say, steaming bowls of baked potato soup garnished deliciously with bits of crispy bacon and chopped green onions, they'll haul you all away and make you listen to "Danny Boy" until you're sobbing, which for me would be once.

My husband never makes it past the first line without a quivering lip. He could get back to his soup before it cooled.

So I am changing my menu plan for Wednesday, March 17. Instead of Baked Potato Soup, it should read:

Wednesday -- Corned beef brisket, buttered cabbage, potatoes and soda bread

I wonder what actual Irish folks eat for dinner on St. Patrick's Day? I somehow think that the whole "traditional Irish dinner" thing is a happy figment of the American imagination, nurtured by too many sentimental viewings of The Quiet Man and Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

Maybe someone will be having baked potato soup.

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