Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where I have been

I have been gone for a few days, and if the picture at the right gives you any indication of what I've been doing, you would be right to surmise that when I say "gone," I do not mean "gone on a four-day trip to Orlando." Oh, I've been gone all right, but I only went as far as the doctor's office and then to the pharmacy, and then back home to bewail my infected ears, tonsils, sinuses and right lung to anyone in my family willing to listen to me, or to put a finer point of it, willing to come near me.

They keep their distance, venturing close to me and my box of tissues only to say things like "So! What's for dinner?" and "Will you take my coat to the dry cleaner's when you go out to pay the cable bill?"

I try as hard as I can to drown them out with my coughing. And if they still keep asking me stuff, I stop covering my mouth. Heh.


Amy said...

So when Mom gets sick even when the kids are older doesn't mean you get to take to your bed and stay there until you feel like living again? Hope the meds are kicking in.

Sharon said...

Hope you're feeling much better by now!